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Lil Nas X, Travis Barker case study

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Mirror, mirror…

…on the wall
  • There’s a captivating inner light in your eyes
  • You don’t have a best side, they’re both wonderful
  • Looking amazing today, as usual
  • WOW
  • That pose really shows off your features
  • Beautiful, just beautiful
  • Move closer, don’t be shy
  • The face that launched a thousand apps!
  • 🎉💕💘💞🎉
  • Breathtaking, simply breathtaking
  • Wow, do you work out?
  • There’s no way you’re single!
  • Seriously, I must know your skin care routine! I could have sworn I've seen this face on a billboard? Work it baby!
  • You loo like that beautiful, famous actor...
  • Mirroraculous!
  • Stunning, do you even have pores?
  • I feel like I can happily retire as a mirror now.
  • Perfection in a reflection!
  • Good genes, your parents must be hot!

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We fed hundreds of SEO articles into a GPT-2 neural network until it begged us to stop, then asked it about important topics.

  • What is SEO?"Of course, SEO is a word-for-word. SEO can help you understand who your competitors are, and your link building strategy should be geared towards your niche rather than your particular niche" says David Luntz, a partner at Covella Consulting in Santa Monica.
  • How to do link buildingRanking will still need to be done right, so it’s critical for a good idea of what you're doing here to make it work. Don’t expect to find links to just randomly generated link paths to keyword pages, but they're powerful for you.
  • How does structured data work?The most accurate answer is yes. Structured data is a powerful way to help you identify patterns of organization and data. Many of the best structured data products you can imagine are a step-by-step guide on what to do with data.
  • Get to first place on Google"Is it too early?" How long does that take? "6 months." How long does it take? "5 years." How long does that take? The true answer lies in the fact that Google takes a toll on its users over the course of a few years.
  • What does SERP stand for?SERP is a visual element that tells SERP to display all the pages on your site (i.e., the content on your site is the headline or a container). It also includes the value of the search engine like
  • How to use Google Search ConsoleLet's say that I use Bing Web Console, a Google Web Services Service, to search for "women's haircuts" in Bing Web Console. Note: At this time, Bing Web Services and certain other capabilities will not be able to access.
  • What is black hat SEO?Pro tip: Don’t trust SEO. I don’t like to trust domains in Google. Rather, I’m going to be using to prevent it from being accidentally applied. Branding is a bad word.
  • The secret of Google's algorithmThe secret of Google's algorithm is that when you look at the data it receives from search engines, you have to think of the data that has the highest chance of ranking. That information is probably the most important factor that Google considers.
  • How many backlinks do I need?I like to use JavaScript and Javascript for link building, but I’ve spent a lot of time and effort trying to make it work. The good news: Most link building sites are not as straightforward as before: Javascript is a lot of code.
  • Is cloaking bad?I like to think about not allowing anyone in the world to know that they're ranked in the top 10, but you have to get it. The second piece of advice for you is the "You've got to trust folks who are going to help you out if you do your research" rule.
  • How to use HTML properlyHTML-compliant? Then we're pretty much crawling pages with markup markup. But we’re not going to spend hours or even a minute on optimizing CSS for people, because we’re more used to them, meaning we can potentially skip the cruft.
  • Is JavaScript evil?Can Javascript be a bad idea? It’s a lot, but make no mistake: JavaScript sucks. It’s a horrible system, but it sucks. And it sucks.
  • Help, I've got a manual penalty!Boots on the ground. In an ideal world, I'd use the keyword "auto-kick." I've set that on fire by crawling all the amazing, cool, and bizarre images on our site.
  • How does robots.txt work?SEO can be programmed as robots.txt. For example, if the "Mustap Child/Brewer" title in yourRecipe replaces "Cafe" with "Ticketmaster" (unless you wish, you can use this snippet in your site’s code editor)
  • Sitemap tipsBack in October, Yahoo! pulled a bit of content from its homepage, thus finding a way to engage with the searcher. Since then, it's gotten even more prominent among search engines, including Google+.
  • Finding the best keywordsDon’t stop there, don’t stop there. There is the hard way for the lexicon to break the rules and drive innovation. But the truth is, there is a lot of wrong thinking and we can all learn. Take action now!
  • Does anchor text matter?Alexa Annenukas won an Academy Award for Best Voice and recently ranked for Best Pronoun, after she received a follow-up Academy Award for Best Article.
  • Is AI-generated content permitted?Almost every content of Amazon is auto-generated, with more than 1.5 million comments and 1.5 billion written comments.
  • What is link equity?The study looked at 40,000 Internet respondents and identified, in all of these cases, four major paths: link equity, private equity, and other forms of equity. In all of these, 80 percent of these respondents had never been exposed.
  • How to write title tags<h1> <h2> <h3> <h4> <h5> <h6> <h7> <h8> <h9> <h10> <h11> <h12> <h13> </h14> <h14> <h15> <h16> <h17> </h18> <h19> </h20> <h21>
  • What is AMP?To qualify for AMP, the current search volume must be estimated at 3,600,000 webpages per month. Search volume is determined by SERP metrics such as "statistics" and "developers."
  • Client-side vs server-sideFor an example, I wrote a test for the Serp and didn't find any internal test fields. Testicles don't. Using "client-side" to see your content is a mistake.
  • How do I use hreflang?Well, hreflang is really handy for debugging, because it’s easy to draw, track, track objects, and put together data for your business. You have to do that. Because hreflang is essentially the best way to describe something.
  • What is schema?In many respects, schema is essential. Once you get the most out of a schema, you can’t help but worry. But that’s not to say that you shouldn't just destroy it.
  • How to get rich snippetsWhen SEO isn’t paying attention to relevant pages, the SEO community needs to really understand why the keyword got so rich. The webmaster also wants to understand how they got lost.
  • Does DA mean anything?There’s a lot more in the DA community than a semantic search and they’ve had control over what DA means. One of the biggest fears that DA is really under the control of secret major.
  • Oh no my site is deindexedIt might sound like this, but by itself it is pretty boring.
  • Is guest blogging iffy?When you publish something, all of a sudden things that happen on blogs. People say, 'Hey, it's not that awesome that I write about what happened last month.'
  • What is bounce rate?If bounce rate is the good news for you, it can give you one big boost. Not only is it less time to create content that looks good on a page that needs to perform well, but also increase the conversion rate of your visitors.
  • Using Google Tag ManagerWhen you’re creating your own website, Google Tag Manager can appear for all of your keywords, including phrases like “carnite water,” “home decor,” and “clean air” that Google says are so "appropriate."
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Lie detector

  • Have you ever walked on the moon?
  • Have you ever broken the law?
  • Are you always 100% honest?
  • Ever pretended you didn’t receive a message/email?
  • Do you think this site is boring?
  • Are you a zombie?
  • Would you like to win a million pounds?
  • Have you ever replied “fine” and not meant it?
  • Do you enjoy having dental work done?
  • Ever told someone a terrible outfit looks good?
  • Did you ever have a crush on one of your teachers?
  • Have you ever pretended to enjoy whisky?
  • Do you actually enjoy clubbing?
  • Are you a Belieber?
  • Have you ever lied about who you’ve dated?
  • Are you secretly a fan of Love Island?



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