Artist Services & PR

Management & Bookings:
Press Release Creation & Distribution
Artist Management
Artist Bookings
Strategic Planning

Album Artwork
Event Posters (Print & Digital)
Social Media Artwork
Logo Design
Electronic Press Kits (EPK)

Music promotional & marketing services

At beige we are turning Music Promotion on its head and getting back to basics. We tailor our industry experience around your talent to offer a comprehensive campaign strategy with you at the helm. beige is working tirelessly to replace the corroded corporate structure that is choking the industry with a fresh approach that respects authentic artistry.

With the complete package of services that we offer – PR, website construction, social media branding, video creation, radio plays, full album production and more – it’s easiest to think of us as your own record label where you are the boss and we respond to your needs.

Streamlined and personal, we offer a comprehensive toolkit that puts the power in your hands. From video and EPK production, to designing social media assets and cutting edge websites we’ve got you covered. Having worked with a tidal wave of new and established talent, we have the experience to help you level up no matter the status of your current fan-base. We start at the drawing board and work our way up. No mass-produced templates, no confusing hidden costs, no bullshit – you come to us with a budget you are comfortable with and we construct a custom campaign with your personality as the colours.

The Music Industry can be a cutthroat, barren landscape and to make real progress can be frustrating and lonely – we’re here to support you at every step of the way. At beige, we work honestly and professionally to ensure you get where you want to go - communication with our clients is at the forefront of everything we do.

As we don’t offer studio time, we will be upfront and honest about the quality of your recordings – if there is scope for improvement we will tell you and offer access to our contacts pro bono.

We pride ourselves as guerrilla marketers. Enough with the industry standard, we get our hands dirty. We recognise that artists are all different, we don’t want to try and cram you into a box you’re not meant to be in. In getting to know you, we will craft a story that best exemplifies the creativity that you are bringing to the table – we know that all we need to get you noticed is to show you off.

Music video production

We believe Video is the secret weapon in raising your online profile. Channel Beige is tried and tested in creating original, engaging video content that will capture the imagination of your current and future fans.

beige have a crack team of video production masterminds already well versed in producing music videos, short films and branded web content – we have an established creative base waiting in the wings to compliment your musical talent.

Guerrilla music marketing

We provide a royal flush of marketing and media skills enabling you to effectively form your own guerrilla record label. The structure of the campaign is aimed at artists who are building their brand and recognise that they need a team of wizards to channel their magic.

We will design a custom business model that works for you, helping to cover different media areas and to act as a functional and effective marketing base in the UK. Whether you want to develop with a series of tracks or to release a one off hit to test the water, we have always got your back with a budget you have designed to maximise your future growth.

This is exactly how labels used to work, where the artist was supported and listened to, allowing you to breathe and grow. The plan can adapt to help us expand our role, but you are at the helm with us, bringing in a team member at agreed stages during the ten-week release period. With this campaign, you are the boss and you make the decisions and guide the team. You are the label and the artist and we are sure that you’ll agree: life looks good from the driving seat.