Kounterpoint Launches Beige Agency

Beige Staff, 6 Jun 2021

Creative Director Hugo Riley and Marketing Director Alex Kolster have come together with a wealth of international experience, to launch a new agency under the Kounterpoint umbrella. With offices in London and Brighton, this exciting new agency is streamlining outdated advertising business models, creating evocative content and experiences for its clients globally.

Subverting this corroded corporate structure monopolising creativity is central to the mission at Beige Agency. In their first advert they challenge the sterile image pushed by the advertising industry that bears little reality to the business environment of the pandemic and lockdown. Banks of technically gifted drones, working together in glass conference rooms or rebooting their creative engines playing ping pong may once really have been an office occurrence, but these days we feel it just doesn’t resonate. Instead, Beige Agency is offering an original take on the origin of ideas and fresh thinking. Whilst poking fun at the established competition and giving a nod to a few cult classics, their first ad depicts some good old-fashioned spitballing. In the creative industry today, it’s a given that you offer the latest in adobe suite bending prowess - what can’t be substituted is originality and new ideas. The new Beige ad peels back the curtain to give you an idea of the authentic creative process that fuels our nodal network in lockdown Britain. “Outdated industry business models mean there is space for an agency like ours to work with clients on a project basis to deliver viral multi platform campaigns with flexibility and efficiency." - Hugo Riley, Creative Director “Technological innovations are giving us new product categories and new dimensions of outreach. From drone symphonies to augmented reality; the future is fascinating. We worry about the stewards of potential. This is why we are getting our skin in the game.” - Hugo Riley, Creative Director “The office environment of the typical creative agency looks like it could be cleaned with a wet wipe, at Beige we get our hands dirty.” - Alex Kolster, Marketing Director Streamlined and personal, Beige wastes no time presenting themselves as part of the established monotony of corporate creativity. Beige offers flexible and tailored services that stem from the different needs of each client. The forced slickness of traditional creative agencies feels boring, rehashed and irrelevant. No one is working in a glass fronted, high-rise office. Creativity is not farmed from huge work banks of adobe illustrators, covalently bonded into a corporate hive. We’re all spitballing at home, connected by circuitry and collaboration.