Case Study: Sid Stone “Hold On”

Shepherd’s Bush wrongun/Somerset native, Sid Stone is a songwriter and musician widely regarded as one of the UK’s most exciting new artists. With influences taken from a large gene pool borrowing elements from soul, jazz, pop, rap & dance music, his raw and eloquently disheveled vocals bring together a remarkably diverse, but accessible sound.

“Hold On”, which premiered on Clash Magazine following viral debut single “Better Alone”, is Sid Stone’s second single release.

Stone and his managerial team wanted the single artwork to reflect the message behind his new track. In his artwork, the musician wanted to be represented by something other than himself. Beyond that, due to us having worked with him before, his team felt comfortable giving us the creative freedom to take it from there.

Sid Stone’s message in his own words was: “Hold On” is about trying to remember to give. That despite the paradigm of scarcity we live in, there really is enough for everyone’s needs. It’s about not allowing materialism to lead you away from your inner life, while accepting that’s a fucking hard thing to do.”

So we created an abstract, visual innuendo.

Here’s the concept/story behind the (spiritual) elephant we created for his latest single: Getting pushed back by life's hedonic treadmill, an elephant attempts to find a voice. Yet with a mind and soul corrupted by the media all he can do is tweet.

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